TCIT provides the most accurate, flexible, easy-to-use,
and compatible face, voice, and color recognition software in the market

   We’re Experienced

We’ve got a combined 30 plus years’ experience in the development and implementation of face, voice, and color recognition software solutions and developer resources.

   The Right Solutions

TCIT solutions enable organizations to identify and mine the data resulting from recognition of identity, age, gender, and color by leveraging video imaging, voice, and color analysis.

We’ve got a combined 30 plus years’ experience in imaging, color and surveillance industies.

TCIT specializes in imaging analysis technology and retail analytics solutions. We have the most advanced and complete recognition technologies, including face recognition, demographic detection, color recogniton, voiceprint and parking space detection.
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Applications and Uses of TCIT’s Image Analysis Products


​Building on our foundation of network cabling services for IDC, we believe that TCIT’s facial recognition system can be added to our current solutions. The impact of these additions will help us enter the mainstream market
-Ryan Huang, Product Manager, Powertronics
The retail industry faces a highly competitive environment. Our users hope to gain a true understanding of consumer behavior. TCIT’s product is exactly what we need for delivering those solutions. It is an important added value!
-Andy Chang, Solution Supervisor, AOPEN