Facial Recognition System

Developed based on advanced AI & deep learning technology, FACELOCK is a compact and all-in-one dual-spectrum facial recognition system. Simply power it with PoE, FACELOCK can recognize up to 20,000 users in stand-alone operation, and recognize 100,000 users in network operation.
Built with high-accuracy French-made thermal imaging technology, FACELOCK is a special version, designed to enforce contactless fever detection, face mask check, and facial recognition at the same time. FACELOCK equips a long-wave infrared thermal imager and can sense body temperature in real-time (30 FPS). And its wide operating range (from 30 to 200 cm) and full sensing angle make the operation of fever detection fast and easy.
Body temperature detection + Mask inspection + Face recognition in one step
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Key Features


All-in-one Solution

On-screen card reader, PoE, access controller, and Wi-Fi options available

Safe and secure

Taiwan’s local design and manufacture, and key components are all products of European, American and Taiwanese manufacturers, which are safe and reliable.