Data Center – Smart Rack

When you think it is imperative to upgrade the security level of your data center, factory, organization, hotel, and even your home, TCIT Januslock will be your ultimate and best choice by considering the uncompromised level of security and ease-of-use.

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TCIT Januslock offers three product configurations to fulfill the needs of both large and medium to small scale customer as follows:

  1. TCIT Januslock – Standalone: Suitable for SMB and your home, it featured with all-in-one design with embedded touch screen with no backend management server required. User can perform enrollment, configure up to 3FA security level, which are BLE Beacon tag (thing you have), PIN (thing you know) and facial recognition (thing you are), and management direct from the device itself.
  2. TCIT Januslock – Real Time: Suitable for customer’s facility that requires very high level of security control. The system is capable to provide near real time access control status together with other environmental sensor data against large amount of Januslocks. The management server platform features with High Availability (HA) and redundant architecture, working seamlessly with 2FA Januslock of both BLE Beacon tag (thing you know) and PIN (thing you know) authentication measures.
  3. TCIT Januslock – Enterprise: Suitable for medium to large scale enterprise that demands a comprehensive access and area control solution. The Januslock can be integrated with TCIT IDTRAK solution to provide 3FA access control for interior doors. A comprehensive physical and environmental security solution can be achieved by having the on-the-move access control for main door and asset tracking capability from IDTRAK.