Area Control

More and more organization would like to track their assets (personnel and/or equipment) to improve their operation efficiency. TCIT Area Control provides organizations with two levels of visibility by leveraging Bluetooth 4.0 Beacon technology, which are:

  1. Proximity locationing for the assets not necessary to track at all times but to understand whether an asset is in a defined area/location or not, and to send real-time alerts when a specific asset enters an unauthorized area or exits a defined area.
  2. Real time triangulation for assets tracking in a defined area either in fix location or moving condition. TCIT applies multiple algorithms to best meet the use cases as mentioned above. Instead of one Beacon receiver in one defined area for proximity locationing, multiple Beacon receivers are required for triangulation process

By leveraging Bluetooth 4.0 Beacon technology, the assets tracking can be realized in a more cost-effective way by comparing with RFID solution that widely adopted by access control and assets management nowadays. By integrating with facial recognition and 3D image process solution, TCIT is indeed a trailblazer in two-factor IOT application for both personnel and equipment tracking.