Member Verification

Face recognition is integrated with vending machines for distributing samples. This is designed to prevent members form collecting samples repeatedly.

Visitor Management and Access Control System

A well-known e-learning company set up our access control and visitor management system at its headquarters. With our face recognition system (TCIT Match), first time visitors enroll at the kiosk. The system operator then sets the access authorization for the visitor.

Access Control System

An office building located in Taipei uses TCIT Match to manage employee attendance.

Audience Segment Analysis

TCIT Media is running on digital signage in a multi-unit retailer to identify viewer’s age and gender, generating analysis to better manage POS, store distribution, and layout.

Blacklist System- Surveillance Application for a Retailer

Surveillance systems are integrated with our blacklist feature to capture facial images of suspicious persons. These images are enrolled in the database. When the suspicious persons enter the store again, the system recognizes them and alerts security.

VIP Application- Visitor Management for a Major Bank

A major bank uses our system for VIP recognition When the VIP enters the bank, the receptionist is able to provide appropriate service.