Data Analysis for Smart Retail !

TCIT debuts a turnkey smart retail solution for the modern retail market. They system leverages facial detection, age and gender demographics. Integrates with a PC server and IP camera to provide evidence-based data mining and dynamic decision-making. It also analyzes average customer flow by time, day or month and provides report that help you to reach your target customers.

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Analyze real-time customer data

Leverage face recognition, age, and gender demographics to provide evidence-based data mining and dynamic decision-making for retail, digital signage hardware and software providers, digital out-of-home media providers and operators, CMS (Content Management System) providers, and surveillance solution integrators. TCIT Media works as stand-alone software and SDKs for extended applications and custom program integration. Metrics captured include demographics, traffic, shopping time, and dwell time.


Gain precision level marketing and customer behavior analysis through our reports indicating average customer flow and customer segments.


Measure and analyze effectiveness of sales agents and promotions by capturing length of customer dwell time in check-out areas and near displays.


Audience measurement and viewer’s attention time can easily be captured and analyzed enabling evaluation and effectiveness of the advertising vehicles.


Measure and segment customers by age and gender.