About TCIT

We were established in 2009 by a group of passionate industry experts and scholars. We’ve got a combined 30 plus years’ experience in the development and implementation of face, age and gender recognition software solutions and developer resources.

We’re led by industry veteran Steve Shaw and a team of dedicated R&D, marketing, and sales team members. We were launched in Taiwan, but now we have representation in greater Asia, the Americas and Europe.

TCIT focuses on the development of intelligent video surveillance and analysis solutions. Our technology leads the industry in accuracy, flexibility, ease-of-use and multi-OS compatibility.

We specialize in image analysis and intelligent identification. We offer innovative applications such as facial recognition, smart surveillance, customer analysis, audience measurement and area access control and security.


  • 2009 TCIT founded
  • 2009 Partners with leading vending machine manufacture for face recognition vending
  • 2011 TCIT lanunches cloud service-Ola!365
  • 2011 TCIT integrates with major IP camera manufacturers:Vivotech, Yudor, Hikvision, Hunt, Avtech
  • 2011 TCIT Match product line launched (iFace Cam family)
  • 2011 Obtains accreditation and solution partner status with Milestone – largest VMS manufacturer
  • 2012 idface, the first online facial recognition event management website introduced
  • 2012 TCIT launches Find Home website- the online service for Alzheimer’s care
  • 2012 Announces age and gender estimation capability at Info Month Expo
  • 2013 TCIT Park- Intelligent parking vacancy detection system is launched
  • 2014 TCIT enters US market
  • 2015 IOT Platform is launched
  • 2016 TCIT IDTRACK is launched
  • 2017 TCIT JANUS is launched
  • 2017 Obtains solution partner status with Microsoft
  • 2018 TCIT Facelock is launched