Watch how TCIT Media helps a major convenience store improve sales through age and gender recognition

12 30, 2014


English subtitle:

Customers will see a big screen displaying ads in convenience stores everywhere in Taiwan.

But it’s not only showing ads, there is more than that.

When customers watch the ads, they are detected by the back-end system in just 0.2 seconds.

The system will detect your age and gender.

That analytics will become big data.

For advertisers, it’s target marketing for the right customers.

When walking into the convenience store, most of the customers will be attracted by the screen on the top of the POS system. And when you’re looking at the screen, the system also captures your age and gender.

In just 0.2 seconds, your face will be detected. And after 2 seconds, targeted ads are played.  The store is charged $2 to $3 per viewer.

Actually we use the eyeball tracking to replace a mouse click. So we know the targets of ads and the measurements of age and gender of our audience. The analytics are in real time.

The images will not be stored, just the analytics results are kept.

The data are sorted by seconds, i.e. how many viewers have watched the ads every second.

The system can be used to analyze the consumer behaviour of a market area, traffic, and their preference of ads in order to deliver the right content to the right consumer.