Looking for parking spaces just got the help of modern navigation!

07 08, 2014

TCIT Park intelligent parking space detection allows you to find an open parking space without driving around for what may seem like hours.

Did you ever have a hard time trying to find a parking space in the parking lot? Did you drive around seemingly forever and still not find a parking space? What a waste of time! TCIT Park is an intelligent parking space detection system.  An IP camera based monitoring system; TCIT Park detects and displays parking space vacancy information.  It guides drivers to the available parking space, saving time and reducing costs.

Often drivers struggle to quickly find a parking space, not only wasting a lot of time and gas money, but also ruining the mood of the trip! In order to quickly guide drivers to a parking spot, TCIT leverages their image recognition and analysis expertise to extend from facial recognition to parking spaces. Using existing parking surveillance system cameras, TCIT Park captures images and identifies vacancies through their analysis software.  Real-time updates are published on digital signage at the parking lot entrance.  People will be able to know which floor, which section has free parking before even driving into the parking lot. In addition to providing more convenience for consumers, TCIT Park also enhances the operation of the parking garage and reduces long lines at the garage entrance.

Technology makes life more convenient!  TCIT hopes to enhance life for people through recognition technology.