Taipei 101 shopping district uses TCIT Media to build a smart networked shopping environment

07 08, 2014

Taipei 101 shopping district, under the guidance of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Information Industry, Din Tai Fung, and UDN Digital launched the “Smart 101 Intelligent Networked Shopping” service.  Designed to interact with smart phones, license plate recognition, and two-dimensional bar code technology, the system is designed to enhance consumer shopping convenience.  Combined with TCIT Media which includes gender and age identification technology and traffic control information, the solution provides a much more accurate wait time to promoting a better consumer experience!

TCIT Media uses face recognition technology to identify consumers’ gender, age, viewing time, and traffic counting functions as it relates to the viewing of digital signage in all major shopping district areas.  This provides the industry with the right analytics to do more precise marketing and enhances the shopping experience for consumers!