TCIT’s IT Month Expo exhibit attracted over four thousand visitors

07 08, 2014

The 2012 IT Month expo opened on December 1st. TCIT debuted its latest products at the expo with invited guests and consumers seeing everything the company had to offer. The continuous nine-day exhibition attracted many domestic and international manufacturers and the public. The number of visitors at TCIT’s booth was estimated to be more than four thousand people.

The exhibit opened with the concept of the future airport using facial recognition for clearance.  Visitors could lounge in the Future Store which recognized VIP as well as blacklisted visitors.  This was followed by a series of biometric activities which surprised the visitors with each new experience.  Some people even suddenly came up with their own new and interesting applications.  Facial registration, recognition, customs clearance, and VIP/blacklist recognition systems were combined in TCIT’s facial recognition surveillance system. The Future Shop showed widely used electronic billboards and new vending machines using TCIT’s software to recognize the gender and age of information seeking consumers, providing a more accurate industry marketing outreach.